Spirit & the Source of Creativity

Do you ever wonder about creativity, where it comes from and how to use it? Today’s #MondayMuse photoshoot was inspired by “Spirit” or “Source” and the idea that because we come from a grand source of creation, we ARE ourselves a grand source of creation as well. We are born with universal wisdom and the capability to access it from deep within, and as an artist I am passionate about tapping into it for guidance and creativity.

My featured model Rachel London is a dear friend of mine, someone I met at a 10 day silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree, who I instantly bonded with spiritually. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and all around MUSE. Today she is sharing some words/insights on the importance of tapping into “source” to create genuinely.

Ev Marquee: What does “creating from source” mean for you? And how is it used within your artistic process(es)? 

Rachel London: “When I think of my true essence, my spirit, I don’t see self identity as something separate from source. The two coexist contemporaneously & our power comes to light when we’re able to forget the limiting beliefs around who we think we’re “supposed” to be & instead function from a place of authenticity. I believe that the most beautiful contributions one can make in this lifetime are those connected to what naturally, unapologetically & authentically screams to be let out. Yet all too often we quiet our inner voice until it becomes a nagging whisper…we forget to listen but it never leaves us. My truth is not something I’m willing to compromise or sacrifice - for I see my clear callings as part of a soul contract I made before incarnating, which is why I wear my heart on my sleeve as a friend, a lover & an artist. I do my best to lead by example as a means to give others permission to do the same.”

RL: “Whether I’m creating music, performing live, in front of the camera, painting or writing, I try to be as present & real as possible while being kind to myself in the process. If something I create comes from the heart - I feel it can’t be wrong & I trust the flow of life to carry me where I need to go.”

RL: “My wish for everyone is this: Embrace your spirit. Embrace your truth. Set the hearts of the world on fire by igniting & tending to the spark within.”

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