As an artist and healing practitioner, I have always been an outside thinker with a strong pull towards entrepreneurship and have successfully been my own boss for years. In the time I have been making my own schedule and managing my own projects I've had to create systems and rituals to support my success.

There’s no shame in acknowledging when we need greater support to follow through on our intended actions and life plans. In fact, there is power and courage in committing to live better and seek the guidance we need.

So, if you have the ideas and can see a more beautiful timeline for yourself and would like some support, let me guide you! I share practical and spiritual tools and resources that work for me to ensure you feel supported and get the gentle push you need to start developing healthier habits and strengthen your relationship with yourself as a multidimensional being in ways that will bring you greater peace and genuine happiness.

With love,

Ev Marquee


Heaven On Earth

An ancestrally-led energy work mentorship designed to offer tools and practices for both the spiritual and the physical dimensions in order to support the manifestation of your desires.

Every month you receive the following 

✓ Guided Energy Work Sessions

Join me virtually every week (4 times a month) for 1hr as I guide the group through energy work practices and equip you with other tools to support you on your self healing journey. This is also a great time for Q/A.

Sessions are recorded and shared upon completion of the program as a library you can access beyond our time together. 

Total Value: $400

✓ Personal Activation Call

Connect with me personally every month for a 1hr Activation Call to support your specific needs. Support varies and may include coaching, energy work and/or suggested practices.

Sessions are recorded and shared for download.

Total Value: $111

✓  Accountability Partner

Lack motivation or guidance? Easily overwhealmed? Know what to do but still don't make the time to do it? You might just need an accountability partner.

Receive 1hr of 1:1 support every other week (twice a month) and receive a buildable project plan for your life with actionable steps to keep you on task.

Total Value: $222

✓ Guided Quantum Healing Journey

Gather as a group to receive a 1hr guided quantum healing journey, which includes energy clearing and activation (different theme every month). 

Sessions are recorded and shared for download so that you may revisit and journey again at any time.

Total Value: $111

✓ Private Facebook Community

Intended to serve as a sanctuary space, networking temple and community resource for all Heaven On Earth mentorship members.

Find additional resources, expansion challenges + more to further support yourself and each other in the transformational work we are co-creating.

Plus, be the first to know of all new offerings including services, events, workshops and special offers.

Total Value: $50

✓ Channeled 30 Day Prayer Template

Receive a new channeled prayer every month meant to be recited daily for 30 days (much like a mantra) to program and magnify its potency in your physical reality.

Prayer (outside of religion), is the act of calling in what you desire through the intentional request and support of your Higher Self and most benevolent guides and ancestors.

Total Value: $22

The Investment

⚜ Special Trial Offer ⚜

Trial the program for 1 month and receive all the benefits for half off with no commitments.

Meet Your Guide

Ev Marquee is an indigenous Visual Artist, Quantum Healer, Space Holder & Beauty Path Guide devoted to sovereignty, Goddess spirituality and the ascension of Pachamama.

Part of her mission is to bring awareness to the power of quantum healing/energy work and the many practical ways in which we can protect our energy and heal ourselves in order to embody our highest selves and experience HEAVEN ON EARTH.


  • 2011: B.A. in Psychology from UCLA
  • 2017/18: Landmark™ Graduate - series of intensive personal development workshops and curriculum
  • 2019: The Chrysalis Space - co-founded a nonprofit offering accessible space for personal cultivation, community building & holistic co-creation across disciplines 
  • 2020: Pachakuti Mesa Initiation - shamanic tradition and ancestral practices of ancient Peru (apprenticing these teachings under the guidance of her maestra Dr. G Love)
  • 2020: A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) - training & certification as a past life regression and quantum healing practitioner
  • 2021: The New Paradigm Goddess™ - online course and community for women
  • 2021: Energy Is Currency - comprehensive coursework on frequency management and energy work techniques with Maryam Hasnaa and Keneth Jover
  • 2021: Holographic Human - 9-month DNA apprenticeship learning how to heal and reprogram the DNA using sacred geometry, cymatic sound & light techniques with guides Acurda Melchizedek & Fernando Vossa
  • 2022: The Rose Lineage Mystery School - 9-month mentorship and training with Shona Keeli apprenticing Venusian Rose Temple Arts

Heaven On Earth is for you if:

You are looking to...

✔️  develop a stronger connection with your intuition and guidance team

✔️  learn to self heal through quantum and ancestral practices

✔️ strengthen your integrity and follow through with your plans

✔️ connect and build community within an intimate container

✔️ clarify your life goals and have a guided actionable plan

✔️ build a lasting 1:1 relationship with a mentor



"I’ve struggled with managing the debilitating physical and mental effects of trauma throughout childhood and adulthood and although I was “functioning,” I felt deeply disconnected and disoriented in this world. I’d been to therapy for numerous years and done so much holistic inner work, yet still felt like something was off and didn’t know what exactly it was or what to do about it. When I read the breakdown of what the “Heaven on Earth” program entailed, I felt like it was speaking directly to me and intuitively I knew it was what I needed. Through the program, I learned to truly believe in a world and a version of myself that didn’t exist yet, but I knew deep down was always there. I learned to truly trust myself and the universe, gaining a lust for life by finding joy for the process and learning balance. I’ve been confidently following my dreams since starting the program and feel like the highest version of myself and know what to do to ease-fully reconnect whenever I’m feeling disconnected. 

The entire program has been very helpful for me. The prayer template is a beautiful daily reminder and commitment to yourself, the weekly check-ins are motivating and empowering, and the journeys are deep healing in ways you can’t even imagine, and that’s what makes them so healing. The power of practicing visualizations and processing messaging so deeply, reshapes your whole being and environment in a multidimensional way.   

When I first started energy work, it felt bizarre because I didn’t know what I was “supposed” to be doing. After some time, I learned to just go with whatever came up and listen to myself, let it flow. Now, I quickly and ease-fully know what I’m seeing and what I need to do to connect/reconnect to myself; the process is more automatic, like breathing. 

I simply feel free and connected to everything. I feel like I have the power to forge my own existence."


"Before signing up to the program, I was healing from a recent break up and forced to end therapy work due to insurance. Both “relationships” were ending and I felt like I needed additional support/guidance on how to navigate the closure and build self-trust and self-love. I was in recovering mode and I thought it would be hard to get through the situation I was experiencing. I signed up looking for a healthy and safe practice to help me build my self love and confidence. Since the program has ended, I not only healed the wounds I had, but have the tools to allow my heart to open to new possibilities. It helped me build up my confidence, and I’m able to navigate real life with so much trust with myself in the decisions I make. 

The prayer templates and energy work have become a tool I use regularly. It’s become a routine for grounding myself, cleansing my energy, and reinforcing my belief that I am meant to be happy. I love that I have control over my practice, I think that reinforces the strength in my intuition. 

Within the first week of meeting with Ev, she mentioned the work is a bit “woo woo”, and at that moment I felt that. However, I leaned into it, and it’s more than meditations and mantras. It’s tapping into your spiritual side, acknowledge it, trusting it, and let it become a part of you. It elevates your connection to yourself, your spiritual being, and your connection to the universe.

The imagery and the full body experience you can have by closing your eyes and tapping in is indescribable. 

This program helped me rebuild trust in myself. I thought I wouldn’t be able to connect with people, or allow myself to be vulnerable, but the program changed the way I saw myself in that vulnerable state of mind. I now know I am protected. I am loved. I am worthy. 

The program is intuitive and focuses on what you need. It also brought to light areas that I need to work on for myself.  I’ve learned to heal past traumas and also work on setting time boundaries. 

This program is an investment in yourself. As intimidating as it may seem, because of the work being conducted, you will catch on and you will begin to make the time for it. It becomes a part of you, your identity, and your routine. "

Working With Ev

"Ev is so lighthearted and has a strong yet calming presence. She is so uplifting and radically authentic that it feels like confirmation that an existence like this is possible for everyone."

"I loved working with Ev. She is intuitive, caring, and was connected with me every single time! I can’t believe she wasn’t exhausted. I appreciate that she's understanding and non-judgemental, and cares about my growth. She always trusted that I could tap in deeper, and that trust really helped me push my abilities further. Meeting with her weekly for accountability calls felt more of a catch up/ check in, than another “task” or “responsibility”. The call made it easy to adjust my priorities and focus on what I wanted to accomplish."

Interested in joining the next group?


Starting: Fall 2024

Weekly Group Energy Work Call (60min): Sundays*

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Accountability Calls (60min): Individual Preference

(1) Monthly 1:1 Activation Call (60min): Individual Preference

(1) Monthly Group Journey (60min): Group Preference

**Note: Our current times for Energy Work Calls are as follows, however the final day and time is flexible and agreed upon by the overall group availability ~ Sundays @9:30am PST

Next Steps

Schedule A Connection Call With Ev

Connection Call (20min) 

Whether you already feel a strong "yes" or not, this is our time to connect, answer any questions you may have and go from there!

I look forward to our chat <3 


If you're interested in bringing this mentorship program to your coworkers, business, family members or existing community, email me to coordinate a time to chat and see if this is the right fit for you. The group can be made private.

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