2017: The Year of Forward Movement

I feel it. And I know you feel it too.

Big change is around the corner. Feelings of anxiety followed by moments of peace. Confusion followed by genius. Crazy extremes of finding motivation coupled with feelings of not wanting to do anything. There’s a weird energy flowing around, a friction that is pushing to break free. It took me a while to understand this, and now that I’ve found clarity I’m finally ready to move forward.

I suppose this is a confession. A year ago today I decided to take a break from my blog, my newsletter, and from my content creation in general. I felt as though I had nothing left to give. I knew that if I kept sending emails and if I kept showing up to give more and more of myself, it would be like selling watered-down gas at a gas station. I was running on empty, and I didn’t want to be fake. As my own boss, I had to acknowledge my “out of sync” feelings and be open to the fact that sometimes the best thing you can do is take it easy, catch your breath, and give yourself permission to slow down.

I had recently moved to the Bay where I was surrounded by all things different; new scenery, new routine, a new lifestyle. I was changing, and I didn’t want to hold on to an expired version of myself. Instead, I wanted to get to know the new version of myself so that when the time was right, I could start sharing authentically again.

And that is where I am now. Welcoming those of you who are new to my VIP list and saying HELLO AGAIN! to the rest of you. It is a new year and I’m excited to share my creative journey with you again.  

Happy 2017! Feel free to leave me a note below!

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