Per the brilliant Alex Beadon’s request, I have decided to start a little blog challenge beginning today….and what better way to begin a new blog than with a simple introduction.

My name is Ev.
Many of you know me on a professional level; as a photographer. I specialize in black and white editorial and am an advocate for doing what you love and allowing yourself to be beautiful!

But not many get to really know me or interact with me more personally.
For instance, today I was described as “a very strange person….someone who is a child and an old lady, and somehow a man and a woman…all in one!” Without a touch of personality within my website, no one would know that about me! Hence why this blog was created…INTERACTION.

This is for my peers, friends, past clients, and future clients. It’s a way for me to share more of my life/work/inspiration with the world. Something I am extremely excited about sharing with you all is a set of amazing artist features I am currently working on that will be posted here!

I hope this sparks some curiosity in you…to explore more of my work and INTRODUCE YOURSELF!

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