I am a lover of:

Life. Compassion. Children. Art. Animals. The sun. The ocean. Birds. Expression. Love. Spirituality. Balance. Travel. Laughter. Culture. The cosmos. Books. The mind. The soul. The elderly. Food. Women. Movement. Light. The moon. Sexuality. Eyes. Unity. Passion.

My love for all these things (and many many more) is what drives my creative passion…PHOTOGRAPHY. It is through this art form that I am able to experience all the things that I enjoy and SHARE THEM!

Photography allows me to meet, interact, and work with individuals from all walks of life…and it permits me to witness and capture priceless moments:

Women unashamed to express sexuality.
Men stepping out of their comfort zones.
Intimate moments between lovers.
Artists proud of their crafts.
Children at play.
Beautiful strangers.
The world.

For me, it is about coming together to inspire and support one another. My goal is to continue meeting amazing people who are equally passionate about their lives and crafts. We all have something to share, so why not create art and beauty together?

Christopher McCandless of Into the Wild said it best - ”Happiness [is] only real when shared.”

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