Reign: Awakening the Sacred Feminine

I want to incite a revolution that empowers the women that surround me to fulfill their divine destiny; SIT ON YOUR THRONE. BE QUEEN. 

This is for my old friends, new friends, family members, Soul sisters and past lovers. THERE IS POWER IN SISTERHOOD. RESPECT ONE ANOTHER. WEAR THE CROWN. 


For the millions who wake up everyday to a world of discrimination simply because of their sex. YOU ARE ALL QUEENS. BE SOVEREIGN. 

As we awaken from the repressions of the patriarchy we need to reclaim the Sacred Feminine both for our individual spirituality and for the well being of the planet. When women are no longer lost or allowing others to tell them what they should or should not do, there will be change in the world. HONOR YOUR VOICE. CREATE SACRED SPACE AND HEAL. 

You are not only deserving and worthy, it is who we innately are. We are seers, healers, mystics. WE ARE MAGIC. USE YOUR GIFT. 

When women celebrate and support other women as they walk a path of intuition, grace and truth, they uplift and heal everything around them. It’s time to heal ourselves in order to heal the world. Let us come together and raise the vibration of our planet. 



My featured muse, Fatima Nasiyr, is a beautiful friend and circle sister who I knew I’d be photographing one day. When I was putting together the details for this shoot, I wanted her to represent women as elevated royal beings on a completely different plane - so I decided to shoot in the early evening atop Mt. Tamalpais, one of the Bay Area’s most beautiful mountain peeks.  As the shoot progressed we went higher and higher; toward the end we drove up above the fog, the evening sun hit the golden rolling hills just right and the fog covered the city completely, creating an endless ocean-like blanket across the horizon in such a magical way. It was perfect (keep scrolling, you’ll get to those).

Fatima (IG: @fah.tim.a) and I share a lot of the same spiritual beliefs, so after our shoot I interviewed her on the topic of Sacred Feminine for you all. I hope it resonates with you. 

EV MARQUEE: What are your thoughts on what it means to “reign” in order to awaken the Sacred Feminine? 

FATIMA: ”When I hear ‘reign’, I think of taking charge– of rising up and filling our position or duty. I believe that those who embody the Sacred Feminine have been beaten, shamed and programed in our hyper-toxic masculine world to turn away from expressing that power. It is a power that goes deeper than the logical mind. Where wisdom is truly held and our power resides. It is a place of inner and deep knowing, a healing touch and an understanding of the ties of our actions with the past, present, in community with every being on Earth. And so with all of that, I believe that to ‘reign’ in order to awaken the Sacred Feminine means to step back into our power. I don’t believe the Sacred Feminine has gone away, not at all. She is here, begging to be heard and listened to, but so many of us are wounded and not accurately seeing our light and power. I encourage everyone to listen to or read Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power by Audre Lorde. She is a Black lesbian woman who was one of the first writers that helped me retrieve my soul.”

EV MARQUEE: Do you have any personal tips or thoughts on how women can awaken this energy within themselves?

FATIMA: ”I can only speak on my personal experience and it is still definitely a journey, but what I have accumulated so far is an understanding of needing to connect with ourselves. Our society is designed where everything moves fast and so much of our time and energy is invested in serving others (especially programmed into women), and so it is difficult to cultivate the time to be with ourselves. We come into contact with so much throughout our days and lives, and not looking at these things clearly to sort through and process causes a build up in our systems and psyches where our inner voice/guidance/wisdom becomes more and more drowned out in distractions. We come home to ourselves by taking the time to slow down and truly check in with how we’re doing. When we take that time we may begin to see how much is an utter mess—don’t let that scare you into running away from it though. To sit with ourselves exactly as we are showing up and to offer loyalty, commitment, understanding and love to our being is how we begin to connect deeper with ourselves. From there we get to know ourselves better, our values and desires, and do the work to stand greater in our power to shape our lives into what is actually supportive of our well being. In this action of deeply connecting with ourselves we are pouring love into ourselves, the only love that can fill us up. I truly believe real love is alchemical, transformative. We can live a life of happiness and fulfillment, but we mustn’t run from ourselves, because the more we run the more we are unclear and therefore are more susceptible to others’ wills that are not supportive of our life force.

EV MARQUEE: Shooting these muse editorials is very special to me and I put a lot of thought and personal magik into them - from my muses and the way I select my all girl teams, to holding space for intimate and honest conversation and bonding. At it’s core, this personal collection is one of my own ways of healing the women around me and raising the vibration of my industry and those who come across me/my work. Would you mind sharing your muse experience? 

FATIMA: ”My muse experience helped to remind me that I am special, that I as an individual have a unique and special presence as well as gifts, and that my existence can be acknowledged and celebrated just for being. It has made me feel seen and I truly believe that is one of the most powerful aids in healing yourself and others. Truly seeing yourself or someone else leads to understanding, to connection, which leads to love, and finally an embrace in compassion. And being seen physically, emotionally, and spiritually through this photo series under the care and magik that is you, Ev, is deeply encouraging for me and hopefully others to continue to shine. Thank you for the gift that is you.

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