Reclaiming Femininity

Growing up in this society, we quickly learn that masculine characteristics are the traits that earn more respect and acceptance than do feminine traits. That being feminine is associated with being weak for both men and women alike. We see a man who candidly expresses his emotions, can be vulnerable or even wears certain “feminine colors”, and it’s not long before someone questions his sexuality and strength. If there’s a woman who expresses her femininity by dressing provocatively there’s almost always someone there questioning her intelligence, shaming her or taking that as an opportunity to disrespect her. Because of this we have developed insecurities, problems with communication/expression, and ultimately wind up hiding or avoiding major parts of ourselves; the parts that we need the most to heal! Some very important feminine qualities include empathy, sensuality, intuition, and vulnerability. I believe that all the overlooked feminine traits that make us beautiful, well-rounded, balanced individuals should be honored. 

Today, I’d like to shed light on this topic and the need for us to reevaluate how we feel about femininity and how we react to it, so that together we can change that relationship to one of celebration and empowerment. Let us hold each other in support and respect, not shame. 

Food for thought: If you could represent yourself in any way you desired without the fear of gossip, judgement, backlash, etc, how would you show up? What would change?

Let me introduce you to my muse for this month’s editorial, BAE BAE, a talented DJ/director and unapologetically feminine inspiration who truly embodies and understands the importance of showing up as you feel called to. I asked her to share some words on the topic and this is what she had to say: 

EV MARQUEE: When we initially discussed our shoot you expressed wanting to “exude femininity” and create “femme magic”. Tell us a little bit about what that meant for you and why it was so important. 

BAE BAE: “I wanted to channel the mystery and power of the feminine, an energy that I feel is more vast, complex, and ancient than people realize. BAE BAE, my DJ persona, is about exuding love and desire as a black femme. Femme magic is a healing magic, which femmes use to heal themselves, but also much too often, to heal non-femmes due to the pressures of society and abuses of power. Beauty in itself is medicine, and I feel that it is a healing power femmes possess.” 

EV MARQUEE: I truly believe in the healing power of coming together to share experiences and different perspectives. Would you mind sharing any personal tips or thoughts on how one can honor and/or reclaim femininity? 

BAE BAE: “I think its about learned to turn inward as a femme and redirecting your power towards healing yourself and, in so doing, healing the generations that lead to you. I am learning how to do beautiful things for myself–drinking a special herb tea, adorning my head at night with plants, making myself a necklace out of crystals, dressing in my favorite clothes–in order to prioritize myself for once. Nurturing myself will allow me to do better and more present work as an artist and allow me to become less distracted by outside forces. As Maxine Waters would say, I’m reclaiming my time.” 

EV MARQUEE: Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

BAE BAE: “Femmes have immense power and will be able to reshape this world the more we claim our voices and presence. We must move intuitively, with integrity, and, above all, with love. It won’t be easy, and sometimes the internal battles are far worse than the external ones, but know that you are seen and your work is being witnessed by the universe and other femmes in the struggle.” 

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