Lilith: Honoring Female Sexuality

This month’s muse editorial is inspired by Lilith, the dark feminist and the first woman. She tells us to take back our sexual power. She calls to us to stand in our truth, embracing our darkness and our light equally. The photoshoot took place at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, LA where my incredible team and I brought Lilith to life. My beautiful muse/model, Veronica Loren, is a very talented actress/singer/songwriter who truly fit the mold; intense artistic passion, soft pure features and a sensual, dark edge. In our interview, we talk about sexuality, feminism and what it means to embrace and honor our dark side.

If you’ve heard of Lilith, you’ve likely heard the folklore that portrays her as a demon, a seductress sucking the blood of men, and killer of infants. But these stories actually originate from a more famous book, the Bible. According to the book of Genesis, she is actually Adam’s first wife. God created Lillith and Adam at the same time; she is made of the same substance as Adam. Lilith was very strong, independent, and felt equal to Adam. It is said that when it was time to have sex, Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam, wanting to also be in the dominant sexual position. Lilith’s story is that of an assertive woman and wife who rebelled against God and her husband, was replaced by another woman, banned from Eden and demonized. She is the original woman, who refused to be subjugated to a man’s desires and has now been accredited as humanity’s first feminist we know.

Lilith is the personification of female sexuality. However, in legends, it’s Lilith’s voice and position beyond the control of a male that made her “evil.” In her demonized form, Lilith is a frightening and threatening creature. These stories have served to try and teach that female sexuality is disruptive and destructive. In effect, she represents the deeper, darker fear men have of women and female sexuality. As a result of this fear, it has been repressed and subjected to severe controls in Western patriarchal society and our “inner Lilith” has been pushed to remain hidden.

In astrology/birth charts, Lilith is known as the “Dark Moon” and represents our dark or hidden emotional selves. Lilith’s placement in the chart is especially important to women and represents the power of the original woman. In a man’s chart, Lilith’s placement will reveal the hidden power struggles or other issues he may have, resolved or unresolved, with the women in his life. Lilith is best understood in contrast to her counterpart, the Moon, La Luna. Luna represents the visible emotions and Lilith, the emotions that remain hidden or secret. Lilith lives behind the scenes, usually undetected, indicating our ability to be subtle, to guide and manage events and people without being intrusive.

As a Moon, Lilith is also associated with mothering, but she is the strength of a mother protecting her cubs while Luna is soft, kind and nurturing. Lilith is strong, a disciplinarian and will kill any who threatens the well being of her offspring. Lilith is protective and self-protective. She protects herself from her own toxic emotions, becoming the guardian of shame, guilt, hatred, vengefulness, bitterness, envy, and jealousy. We look for Lilith in our charts to discover which defense mechanisms we employ to hide our wounding. Lilith is all the femme fatales — the sexually powerful women of the world.

In homage, I interviewed Veronica Loren and asked her to share some words on the topic; we talk about sexuality, feminism and what it means to embrace and honor our dark side. Join us here.

EV MARQUEE: When I was putting together the details of this editorial and thinking of who would be able to truly bring Lilith’s essence to life, I instantly thought of you. What do you think of her story? Does any of it resonate with you and your personal feeling/opinions on feminism? 

VERONICA LOREN: “First of all, thanks so much for involving me in this shoot. I’m humbled and flattered. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect or think of the shoot, being that my only prior knowledge of the character was as a demonic antagonist. Given historical gender dynamics, it makes sense that an assertive woman would be vilified. Certainly, Lilith wouldn’t be the first or last woman to have been demonized for sticking up for what she wanted. As women, we are conditioned to want a fairytale existence complete with knight in shining armor. Something many women desire, fight for, and even commit moral crimes to attain. It was enlightening to learn about Lilith and her true essence. Being demonic and being demonized are two very different things. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lilith was just misunderstood. Makes me think of that old Nina Simone song. 

I find this to be true even now actually, because women are very misunderstood. Deep down, we are love. We are light. We’re vulnerable…nurturing. We have a soft, squishy center, but beyond that, we can be strong, fierce, resilient and downright dangerous if not handled with care…kinda like a porcupine. 

If I’m being honest, playing up the sweet, submissive vibe can, and often does, get you further in the current social climate. Downplaying your intellect has that effect as well. A shame really but that, at least in this lifetime is what I’ve found to be the reality. I’ve made peace with the latter. However, the submissive, sweet as pie, overtly pleasing, damsel in distress role…I just haven’t gotten that one down yet. 

Something always gives me away.. maybe it’s my dark hair… or maybe my dark eyes? 

I’m reminded of an ex boyfriend who told me once that my eyes were the dark portals to hell. I had absolutely no clue what he meant, but looking back - it’s exactly what you spoke to about this character and each persons’ inner Lilith. 

There is a “deeper, darker fear men have of women and female sexuality.” I mean I’m a novice in that arena, but I have seen women fully immersed in their power and unapologetically connected with their sexuality. It can be scary and rather intimidating to step into and embrace what many believe we, as women, should stow away and conceal. 

I mean wow, being able to harness that energy and bask in the warmth glow of its power… all while flipping your hair and trying not to slip in those sexy high heels. It’s definitely something I aspire to. Baby steps I suppose.”

EV MARQUEE: I find it very empowering to see you embrace sexuality and elements of darkness in your creative work. How do you honor those parts of yourself outside of work, in your daily life? 

VERONICA LOREN: “It’s funny you say that. In my eyes, it’s kind of the other way around as far as the perception of my work versus my reality. I consider myself pretty reserved. I don’t intentionally present V as this liberated goddess, she just kind of comes out when the camera fires up or when I’m on stage performing. If my artistic persona can be empowering to other women, I’m all for it. 

I’m admittedly not as provocative as I come across. Perfect example;  I have a song called “I’ll be good”. It’s essentially about abstaining from immediate physical gratification and longing for love, something real, someone to truly let you into their heart before making it in the bedroom. When I perform it though, all people hear are the suggestive lyrics…“I’ll be good baby, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, so sweet how you taste to me.”…without fully understanding the context. Its a trip.

I guess I would say I try and honor those parts of myself by embracing the potential to become that woman, even when I’m not working.

Perhaps I am “dark” or have this edge because I love deeply, passionately, dangerously, and unapologetically. Love is my muse. All I ever write about is love and all its different shades. Wanting to be loved, wanting to be understood, wanting to be cherished… valued. There’s times when I write nothing for very long periods of time, but when I feel that love…that inexplicable ball of light being activated by someone… its a flood of inspiration. Suddenly, I’m awake. At least that part of my brain is. Then it all gushes out.”

EV MARQUEE: I think it’s very important to shed light on “dark” topics in order to bring awareness to its nature and heal deeper parts of ourselves. Can you talk about what channeling these energies feels like for you? What sort of power it brings you? 

VERONICA LOREN: “I was recently made aware of some substantial neglected wounds after finishing a draft for a novel I’m developing called Porcupine. The project brought a lot to the surface for me. It was traumatic revisiting past abuse, but only then could I stand face to face with my inner demons. It became infectious and nearly consumed me until I put it on paper. A wildfire of emotion exploded onto the page, and then burned to ash. When the dust settled, there I stood… taller, wiser, and stronger than ever. Freer.

Something happens when I am in my element. The ego turns off and I’m able to get out of my own head and connect to my emotions. It’s a beautiful catharsis.

EV MARQUEE: Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

VERONICA LOREN: “First I’d like to share with you how grateful I am to be featured. Sometimes you wonder if what you do really speaks to people. It’s reassuring to know what you create has impact, be it thousands of people, or just one. I can definitely feel a shift in our paradigm. More and more, woman are banding together, showing genuine love for one another…demonstrating support instead of being pitted against each other. All the while vying for the number one spot in the eyes of our male counterparts…who seem to have plenty of room for other men at the top, but only limited slots for talented women to occupy.

This melts my heart. Feeling this change… the love, greatness, solidarity, and strength women can wield when united.

Some past experiences and interactions had me believing some women actually were the devil, figuratively speaking of course. Recently however, I have been meeting some refreshing and fantastic women…indeed the devil does have a good side?

Jokes aside, at the end of the day, I’m a woman… good and bad… gleaming bright in the darkness.

If you’d like to see more of my muse, Veronica Loren, make sure to check out her new video and single “Bear Hands”.

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