Today I will be going a little deeper and sharing a few things that people generally don’t know about me:

• 11:11 is my number. For many, this is a time to make a wish. For me, it is my birthday! On this day 11/11 @11:11pm, I have made it a tradition to bring all of my loved ones together and take a moment to meditate and manifest our dreams! It is a truly powerful feeling. (If you are curious about why I do this, click here for more info).

• I am a true FOODIE. Food is my happy place. Feed me!

• Traveling is the greatest way for me to learn and grow. I have traveled to many countries including (some of my favorites), Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, Thailand, Nepal, China, Japan, Israel, Czech Republic and Austria! Hope to visit Brazil or New Zealand next :)

• I dont watch TV: no series, no news, and no celebrity anything.

• I am deeply introverted and a people watcher. I love my alone time, but with this blog I plan on coming out of my private space more frequently.

• I have an affinity for books - sometimes I read them, sometimes I don’t. It’s quite a problem; I cannot go to a bookstore and not buy something.

• I adore children and young pure life. There is something about how easily amused, honest, and free they are that I am instantly drawn to. They are the reason why I honor my inner child so much.

• My educational background is Psychology. I studied at UCLA and wound up with a bachelor’s but later picked up a camera instead. Yay for creative expression! ;)

• I am highly spiritual and a hippie at heart; a believer in love and energy…but can be found wearing an awful lot of black. (Irony fanatic)

• Last fun fact: I create challenges for myself every month that I must follow daily. It helps me focus on things that I wish to make more of a habit in my life. I’ll give you an example, Aug. was “Do Something to Help Your Business” and Sep. was “Do Something Selfless - go out of your way for others”. Try it, it works.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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