Lets Portal Together

Join me in virtual ceremony for the 2/22/22 portal as I guide you through energetic shielding, altar building, + a channelled quantum journey to release stagnant energies and receive higher dimensional guidance and healing that will usher you into the 5D.

What I Will Be Guiding You Through


Under the "energy work" umbrella, this spiritual hygiene technique/tool acts as a protective field and supports the maintenance of your energetic sovereignty.  


Whether you are new to altar building or not, I will guide you through the basics of how I work with these sacred spaces for healing,  manifestation and higher dimensional connection. We will be building and opening our altars together.


We will travel to connect with your guides and receive answers for your highest healing + receive energy work that includes complete removal of energetic "weight", chakra balancing, cord cutting and more


We will have an opportunity to engage one on one to ask questions and receive guidance or feedback regarding what is shared and your experiences. 

Portal days are amplifiers and therefore perfect for energetic work, purging and planting new seeds.

Working with the Higher Realms on this day will allow for us to manifest our dreams + establish a stable foundation for the shift into the fifth dimension.

So, if you've even been curious about quantum journeys and the healing power they hold, now's a great time to dive in. 

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Ev. Many know me for my visual arts and goddess work, but only those who know me intimately know the work I do with Spirit. 

Years ago, I started participating in and then leading small private moon circles with friends, which led me to starting a non profit and curating public gatherings for women of color in Oakland, Ca. that were centered around holistic wellness and healing practices. 

I have since been initiated into a Peruvian shamanism tradition called the Pachakuti Mesa and have been trained and certified as an AURA practitioner (a self healing hypnosis modality that includes energy work and past life regression) and currently offer private quantum healing sessions.

Spirit led me to offer intimate healing space beginning on the 2.22.22 portal and I look forward to more.

Join Me!

This is for you if:

  • you have been wanting to do spiritual/energy work but have not known where to start
  • know there are energetic blocks that you are ready to release
  • are interested in altar work, shamanic practices and quantum travel
  • you have a practice and would like energetic maintenance + tools
  • want to experience magic and healing in community


When: Tuesday, 2.22.22

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Time: 5-8pm PST


$111 per person

To be completed via Venmo 

Limited to 11 people


To prepare, you will need altar items and a journal; the short list will be shared with you once you join and after our ceremony you will receive a link to the replay for you to revisit as you wish


To join me, simply send your Venmo payment to @evmarquee and include your email address in the notes

A breakdown of your investment <3


(send $111 + include your email address)

I look forward to shifting timelines with you ;)


If you have questions or would like to receive more information, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

(you can also learn more about what I do here)

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