Rebirth - A Phoenix Experience

The most well known mythical bird, the Phoenix, is said to have been large with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a melodious cry. The Phoenix would appear at dawn every morning to sing a song so enchanting that even the great sun god would stop to listen. 

Only one Phoenix existed at any one time. As the end of its life approached, it settled into its nest of aromatic branches and spices, set it on fire and was consumed in the flames, reducing bird and nest to ashes. And from those ashes, a fledgling “new” Phoenix arose – a Rebirth

This month’s #MondayMuse editorial is dedicated to any of you beautiful creatures who have endured challenging circumstances and had to sit in the heat of the flames to break through. My featured model, Dezi Soley, is an actor/dancer/model and beautiful soul searching friend. When I was putting together the details for this shoot, we happened to share some personal stories and she instantly became my muse. 

I wanted her to look and feel strong yet graceful; my pro braider, Hawa, created a beautiful look with gold-dipped ends and gold leaf accents and my MUA, Jeanette, put together a striking smoky eye while integrating touches of gold leaf as well. I took my team to an old inactive fountain hidden atop a tree covered hill and documented the life, death and rebirth of my living Phoenix. 

I asked Dezi to share some insight on her own Rebirth and here is what she had to say: 

EV MARQUEE: Looking back on your own Phoenix experience, what are some take away points or lessons learned that are now clear to you? 

DEZI: “1) Quantum physics now proves (what every ancient texts tells us) that thoughts/emotions create matter. (It is my belief that) we are each creating our own projection within this holographic universe and in order to give birth to the future self/life we desire, we must first see it in our minds and feel as if it already is. Match the vibration of what you want to attract. Feel your futures materializing now by focusing on gratitude for the All that You are, because the only real is Love. 

2) The first step of the Alchemical (lead into gold) process is Putrefaction—literally, purging. You must make space for your blessings by releasing all (toxicity) that no longer serves your wildest dreams/future visions of the life you want. I have found this part of the journey to be extremely painful (because I end up realizing how much I have been lying to myself and that the only person responsible for my bondage/life/healing is me). 

3) There are shadows and light in all things and the ultimate goal is integration. No matter how chaotic/messy/ugly it feels, I am reminded to always remain kind, gentle and compassionate with myself throughout my process of becoming. I must accept the perfection of imperfection and love myself unconditionally (flaws and all).”

EV MARQUEE: What would you tell anyone who is currently in the heat of the flames and seeking a new life cycle? 

DEZI: “To those beings currently witnessing their own resurrection–SURRENDER! and CONGRATULATIONS for courageously embarking on your path to heal yourself and take control of your life! Personally, my growth has almost always been uncomfortable and has required complete faith that the changes are in alignment with Divine Plan and for my highest good—after all, quality is ultimately determined by perspective. 

So…Dream your wildest dream! Get out of your own way. Know that you are eternally worthy. Receive now all that is yours by Divine Right. Spend time in Nature. Pray to your most benevolent ancestors and angels. Meditate. Visualize. Write. Create. Banish all self-defeating thoughts/ideas/feelings from your mind and life and commit to only feeding your mind/spirit/body those vibrations which you wish to have in your future. Feel grateful for the miracle that is the All that is You.”

Here is an additional treat, written by Dezi during her most intense “baptism by fire”:

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